Assignment #4: Class Discussion Of Homeless, And Topic Of Choice

Class Discussion: The Homeless

In the class discussion about whether or not to give a dollar to a homeless person, made me think about whether or not these “homeless” are actually really without a home. I mean have you ever wondered about the so-called homeless person (without a shopping cart with his/her personal belongings in it) holding a sign for money, called panhandling? Look, the problem here is not the homeless, but US! I continually see drivers giving money to these people out of guilt or being a “good human being”. If they weren’t able to collect money, they wouldn’t stand there. I repeatedly will not give money to those on the street, but I will give money to the organizations that actually provide a service for the homeless. Believe it or not many the homeless are NOT actually homeless. A shocking fact, I know. The cops will tell these homeless to cease illegally panhandling as it is against the law to do so. But, these “fake” homeless don’t care to obey a lawful order, being if they did obey the law, they won’t be able to buy their heroin. So, the next time you see a “fake” homeless person begging for money for his/her drug habit, instead of giving them money, give them heroin instead. (sarcasm) Because people in cars always give them money which enable them to do drugs anyways. Or stop giving them money for drugs is the best answer. I don’t mean this to be overly cold-hearted, but I work hard for my money, and they could do the same if they actually tried to get a job.

Topic of Choice: Brewery Sued Over Healthy Beer

As the Super Bowl approaches this coming Sunday, many funny and unique commercials will be shown to a national audience. Beer, and alcoholic beverage companies will sponsor the majority of the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday. It is hard to believe that with a growing trend of obesity in the United States, and beer being loaded with calories, this is what our nation will be focused on. The latest news comes from an Ohio brewery that is suing a former employee, claiming he stole their formula for making healthy beer! Brewmandu Brewery alleges that Brian Lottig stole the idea of selling a beer that’s good for you, and took it to establish his own “The Lion Brewery.” According to documents, the brewery spent 10 years in research and development on a beer that has “vitamins and nutrients to protect the liver and offer increased nutritional content to combat the negative effects of alcohol consumption.” Selling a beer that’s good for you? A beer that has vitamins and nutrients to protect the liver and offer increased nutritional content to combat the negative effects of alcohol consumption? That’s a great idea! Why don’t they also add some other products in the beer that keeps someone from driving a car, while intoxicated, and crashing into another car and killing the driver and passengers of that car? Give me a break. Looks like we’ll have to wait for this wonderful product until the next Super Bowl.

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